Grand Traverse Audubon Club

Mourning Dove Status



Whereas the Mourning Dove has been classified as a song bird in the state of
Michigan since laws were first initiated to protect song birds.

Whereas the Mourning Dove is a gentle, seed eater that does no damage to the
environment or other bird species and provides pleasure to thousands of
Michigan bird lovers.

Whereas scientific studies in states permitting the hunting of Mourning
Doves estimate that more than 20% of the birds shot are left crippled or

Whereas instituting a hunting season on this species would promote much
illegal (but difficult to control) hunting from roads and shooting of birds
off wires in a state which lacks a tradition of Mourning Dove hunting.

Whereas early Mourning Dove seasons, such as those in other northern states,
often result in parent birds being shot while still feeding late-brood

Therefore be it resolved that the Michigan legislature and DNR should take
immediate action to maintain the status of this species as a song bird,
providing it the protection that it has enjoyed for many generations in the
state of Michigan.

Adopted this day of February 26, 1998 by majority vote of the Grand
Traverse Audubon Club.

Robert Carstens
President G.T.

Carolyn Warren
Board Member

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