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Homestead Land Swap



Grand Traverse Audubon Club opposes the proposed land exchange between the owners of the Homestead Resort of Glen Arbor and the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. We oppose this land exchange for basically the same reasons that we opposed the exchange in 1996. These reason are: 1. The Homestead would receive not only more land, but land of considerably greater value. This would be a bad deal for American Citizens and taxpayers. 2. The land the Homestead seeks was acquired by forcing the previous owners to sell through the power of “eminent domain”. The transfer now of this land to a private citizen or group of citizens would set a “bad” precedent opening the door for future exchanges of land acquired from citizens through the power of eminent domain. Such exchanges constitute a violation of the public trust. 3. The land along the Crystal River threatened with development be purchased and made part of the national lakeshore. This letter received approval by the Executive Board of the Grand Traverse Audubon Club by Friday August 30, 2002.

Robert Carstens
Vice-president Environment

Kay Beerthuis
President G.T. Audubon Club

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