Grand Traverse Audubon Club

Long Lake Township


To whom it may concern:

It has come to our attention that Long Lake Township is applying for a grant that will enable them to utilize the information gleaned in their recent Watershed Study to engage in creation of measures that will educate their citizens about the best practices available to use to protect water quality, natural and scenic features, and wildlife habitat in the Long Lake Watershed.

Common Loons, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Red-shouldered Hawks, Northern Harriers, and Merlins, are just a few of the special avian species documented by the Grand Traverse Audubon Club that are sustained by this watershed. It also is a significant way-station for many migrants.

This proposed project will benefit all life in the watershed. It has our enthusiastic support.

Bob Carstens
Vice-president – Environment

Cindee Dubey
President – Grand Traverse Audubon Club

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