Grand Traverse Audubon Club

Cedar Run Creek Addition


To whom it may concern,

As stewards of this particular part of the planet, we have an opportunity now to support those attempting to ensure that the biodiversity supporting capacity of the Cedar Run Creek Natural Area Addition remains intact, that another beautiful place that defines our area will be preserved, providing quality opportunity for quiet recreation for present and future generations.

In an attempt to assess the wildlife quality of this parcel, Grand Traverse Audubon Club members made five survey trips there from May 28 through June 10, 2007. The result of these was the observation of 49 species within the immediate vicinity of this very appealing and special stream corridor and buffer areas much of which seemed boreal-like. Among these 49 were Red-shouldered Hawk, a Michigan “Threatened” species, and Cooper’s Hawk, a Michigan “Species of special concern”.

The stated objectives of the Grand Traverse Audubon Club, founded by Ford Kellum, retired Michigan DNR biologist, are: “The welfare and preservation of the bird life and other fauna, the flora, the resources and the beauty of our environment, especially in the Grand Traverse area. We shall cooperate with any individual, organization, or governmental unit that shares these objectives.” Accordingly, the Board of the Grand Traverse Audubon Club, without reservation, supports the efforts of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy assisting Long Lake Township to preserve this delightful, idyllic, prolific,” Cedar Run Creek Natural Area Addition” stream corridor.

June 19, 2007

Cindee Dubey President, G.T. Audubon

Bob Carstens V.P., Environment

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