Grand Traverse Audubon Club

Sulfide Mining

A Grand Traverse Audubon Club Resolution advocating for a moratorium
on all sulfide mining operations in the State of Michigan.

Whereas the state of Wisconsin has put in place just such a moratorium as we propose because of the potential damage to the environment this type of mining affords.

Whereas critics of sulfide mining claim that whatever economic gain occurs from the sulfide mining industry will be insufficient to offset the damage to the tourist industry and concurrent destruction of our forests, wildlife, and water.

Whereas critics also predict that Michigan will be saddled for generations with all the negative impacts that have invariably accompanied mining towns /areas once mining operations in those areas have stopped.

Whereas what the record indicates has occurred in all other sulfide mining operations of this corporation located within range of water resources ought to be a red flag to those empowered to protect the air, land, wildlife, water and health of Michigan citizens.

Whereas the area in which Kennecot proposes to mine contains the Shakey Lakes Savannah, the proposed Carney Fen Natural Area, the Yellowdog Plains, and the Salmon Trout River. It is the largest intact pristine wildlife area in the state of Michigan. Critics claim mining there would significantly fragment habitat and diminish its beauty and character as well as its ability to sustain biodiversity.

Therefore be it resolved that the Grand Traverse Audubon Club requests that state of Michigan put in place a moratorium on all sulfide mining operations in the State until it can be demonstrated that one mine in the United States or Canada has operated and been closed for ten years without significant damage to its watershed.

– Adopted 11/15/07

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