Grand Traverse Audubon Club

Club by-Laws


ADOPTED October 28, 1995 – Amended December 21, 2000 – Amended October 21, 2006
Amended March 26, 2009 – Amended December 18, 2014

I. Name of Club
The name of this club shall be Grand Traverse Audubon Club.

II. Objectives
The objectives of the Grand Traverse Audubon Club are the welfare and preservation of the bird life and other fauna, the flora, the resources and the beauty of our environment, especially in the Grand Traverse area. We shall cooperate with any individual, organization, or governmental unit that shares these objectives.

III. Affiliation
The Grand Traverse Audubon Club is a chapter of the Michigan Audubon Society. As such, it is also affiliated with the National Audubon Society.

IV. Membership
Membership in the Grand Traverse Audubon Club shall be extended to any individual or family that has paid the Club dues as established by these by-laws. While all members are encouraged to join the National Audubon Society, membership is not a pre-requisite to membership in the Grand Traverse Audubon Club.

V. Organization

A. Executive Board  Activities of the Club shall be administered by an Executive Board composed of the following officers: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor. In addition to the above officers, the immediate Past President, the elected Club representative to the State Audubon Society and two elected representatives from the general membership shall be voting members of the Executive Board.

B. Terms of Office  Officers shall be elected for one year terms. Terms beginning January 1. There shall be no limitation on the number of terms any individual may serve in any one office.

C. Vacancies  Any vacancy that arises in the Executive Board shall be filled for the remainder of the year by decision of the Executive Board upon recommendation from the on-going Nominating Committee. Such appointment shall be subject to the approval of the general membership at the next regular meeting of the club.

D. Duties of Officers  Duties of each office shall be assigned by the Executive Board, except that of the lst Vice President shall be Program Committee Chairman and the 2nd Vice President shall be Green Acres Committee Chairman. The general duties of each office shall include such Responsibilities as are implied by the titles of offices. Each officer shall keep such records as may be necessary to provide adequate background and direction for his or her successor.

E. Quorum for Executive Board Meetings  A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board. The meetings of the Executive Board shall be open to any member in good standing. The board may participate in electronic or telephone discussion, and may use such devices for voting on issues and/or to achieve a quorum at board meetings.

F. Committees  The president shall appoint such additional committees as may be necessary.

VI. Meetings

A. Annual Dinner Meeting  An Annual dinner meeting of the Club shall be held each October at which meeting officers for the next calendar year shall be elected.

B. Annual Business Meeting  An Annual Business Meeting of the Club shall be held in January at the call of the Executive Board. Annual reports for the preceding year shall be presented at this meeting. The Treasurer of the preceding year shall submit a written financial report and a membership statement for the preceding year at the Annual Business Meeting.

C. Regular Program Meetings  There shall be regular program meetings during the year with such additional meetings and field trips as may be scheduled by the Executive Board and the Program Committee.

D. Quorum for General Membership Meetings  For the purpose of transacting business at a regular or special meeting, fifteen (15) members shall constitute a quorum.

VII. Nominating Committee and Election

A. Election of Officers  Club officers shall be elected at the Annual Dinner Meeting in October.

B. Nominating Committee  The Executive Board shall appoint an on-going Nominating Committee of three (3) members at its first meeting after taking office in January, one of whom shall be a member of the Executive Board.

C. Nominations  The Nominating Committee shall nominate one Candidate for each office and shall report such nominations to the Executive Board and members at the Annual Dinner Meeting. In selecting candidates the Committee shall have as an objective a reasonable degree of change among the Club’s officers. To that end the Committee shall encourage the candidacy of qualified individuals who have not previously served as Club officers.

D. Nominations from the Floor  After the report of the Nominating Committee additional nominations may be made from the floor.

E. Requirement for Election  A majority vote of members present shall be necessary for election of any officer.

VIII. Dues, Property and Funds

A. Establishment of Dues  Club dues shall be recommended by the Executive Board and the Budget Chairman and shall be approved by a simple majority vote of members present.

B. Walter Hastings Memorial Environmental Education Fund  Donations and gifts to Grand Traverse Audubon Club will be placed in the Walter Hastings Memorial Environmental Education Fund. Disbursement of these funds will be at the discretion of the Board.

C. Assessments  Assessments, other than dues, shall not be made against members unless specifically voted by the general membership after they have received prior written notice of any proposed assessment.

D. Misuse of Club Funds  Club funds shall not be used for the personal profit of any of its members.

E. Dissolution of Club  Should the Club fail, be dissolved or fail to elect officers for three (3) consecutive years, its cash on hand and any other assets shall become the property of the Michigan Audubon Society.

IX. Amendments

A. Amending Procedure  These By-Laws may be changed in whole or in part or may be added to at any regular membership meeting provided that the entire membership is notified of the proposed changes in writing at least ten (10) days in advance of such a meeting. Amendments may be proposed by a majority vote of the Executive Board or by written petition of at least 25% of the general membership.

B. Requirement for Adoption  To be adopted, amendments must be favored by a two-thirds majority of those voting, except for changes in dues, which requires only a simple majority.

X. Resolutions and Statements of Position  (Amendment passed 12-21-00)

A. The Grand Traverse Audubon Club may from time to time issue statements of position or pass resolutions regarding conservation or environmental concerns. These may be sent to governmental authorities and/or other interested entities. At a general meeting, a resolution will be considered adopted if it is voted favorably by a majority of members in attendance.

B. There may be times when conservation or environmental issues present themselves and there is no general meeting scheduled before action is required. In these cases a majority of Executive Board members can approve a resolution or issue a statement of position for the Grand Traverse Audubon Club. Such position statements or resolutions shall be under the name of the Grand Traverse Audubon Club Executive Board.

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