Grand Traverse Audubon Club

Proposed Internet Guidelines

Proposed Internet Guidelines

General Guidelines for Club Internet

1. New webmaster, e-mail manager, or Facebook manager positions are to be approved by the board.

2. The Web Committee will be responsible for coordinating all internet presentations.

3. All internet passwords are to be kept by the webmaster and the president of the club.



The purpose of the website is to provide information to the public and to members of the club.

1. Pictures of program presenters may be used and identified. Pictures taken of those attending meetings and events may be used, but individuals are not to be identified by name unless permission is obtained.

2. Email addresses or phone numbers of field trip leaders may be used for obtaining more information unless other arrangements are made.

3. Pictures of birds are to be used by permission of the photographer.

4. Resolutions the club has made on environmental issues may be listed, but general positions on issues should be approved by the board or a membership vote.

5. General information on ecology or conservation may be featured.

6. The board shall approve any complete website design changes.

7. The Webmaster has editorial and website maintenance discretion within these policy guidelines.



The purpose of our email groups is to serve our members by providing a way to exchange information.

1. Our email groups, GTAudubon and birdalert, are a benefit of membership and are not available to any non-members.

2. Our email list is private and not to be used by any organization or company.



The purpose of our Facebook page is to serve the public and interest people in joining our club. The Facebook page serves as a unique way for Facebook members to post questions and comments about birds.

1. General information on birds and birding may be posted. The page is not to be used as a bird alert, but as a public resource on birds and birding in our area.

2. Club activities may be posted and a link to our website should be maintained for further information.

3. General information on conservation or ecology may be posted. Positions on environmental issues cannot be posted unless approved by the board or a membership vote.

4. All pictures posted should follow the website guidelines.

5. Public Postings should be removed if they show:

  • A Political stand on an issue.
  • A Derogatory comment on persons, places, or concepts.
  • An attempt to sell or promote a product, tour, or other commercial venture.
  • Any postings or links not relevant to our Facebook page purpose, as determined by the Facebook manager.

6. No links to any commercial company, individual selling anything, or any organization not related to birding should be on the page.

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